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by ftforest ftforest on 02/08/13

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1. Mary Ratajack said on 2/27/13 - 03:09PM
Our Singles For Christ group had an enjoyable afternoon on Wednesday at our tour of From the Forest. Although the weather outside was cold, windy and wet, Jon still gave a demonstration of wood carving. A wonderful tour of the store followed. It is filled with so many unique and one of a kind handcrafted gifts. You will be amazed - and all Local and American made!! We should have Diane Sawyer of ABC news visit this place. This is a wonderful treasure to have in our own back yard. Let's all support it.
2. David Bettinger - Campbell, Ohio said on 12/12/13 - 03:44AM
Have been going to the Adirondack mtns for 57 years. Jon and Erin have lifetime customers in my wife and I. We have purchased four of Jon's beautiful carvings. The first was the head of an eagle. The second a wall hanging wolf looking around a tree. Number three an eagle in flight pulling a fish out of the water, and the forth an eagle perched on the top of a tree with a wolf circling the base of the tree. The last is in our home in Ohio with the rest in our camp at Otter lake. Presently have contract on life size wolf standing with front paws on rocks which will be picked up next spring. Prices are within reason and the artwork is just awesome. Thank you Jon for your beautiful work.
3. Sandy Sullivan said on 4/2/14 - 11:14AM
I have two of Jon's beautiful carvings. The first was a custom piece of two Rabbits sitting under a Wisteria Vine. Jon painted it in "bright colors" to go with my porch decor- Just love it! The second was an unplanned purchase-I was visiting the store when I saw the AWESOME Mushroom Man--workmanship beyond belief--could not leave without him! For the winter he sits in my sunroom but will find a nice spot in the garden for him in the spring. Jon and Erin are very special and wonderful to work with. The variety of pieces are amazing! If you have an idea for a carved piece Jon will bring it to life! Such Talent-a great addition to Barneveld!
4. Sheree Van Hauen said on 4/25/16 - 04:21AM
4-16-14 we purchased a small owl and a medium owl in stump. They look so life like and we rcvd them right away. They look perfect in our house. We will be ordering more! Thank you so much
5. karen herington said on 2/25/17 - 10:37AM
jon carved me a sitting wolve howling and IT IS AWESOME!!!! I was so excited, thrilled and amazed when I received it. it is SO,SO, lifelike!! thank you for what you do!!!
6. Nick Badolato said on 6/5/17 - 05:15PM
Oh My God ! I just saw the Eagle carving at Woodlawn Cemetary in The Bronx. You are amazing. Great job!
7. Paula Clark said on 6/15/17 - 02:31PM
OMG I was at the Salamanca New York casino last weekend and bought a bear at the auction. I like it so much I can't stop looking at it. They do an amazing job it looks so real thanks!!!!!!!!!!!
8. Betty Patterson said on 7/11/17 - 01:15PM
I love your bear & dolphin carvings! Do you have a catalogue of your carvings available?
9. Jodie Robinson said on 7/13/17 - 06:56AM
I would just like to say that your work is stunning
10. Judy clark said on 6/27/19 - 01:38PM
Does he do anything in nautical art in the middle of the log like the bears he does.
11. Denise Gozdziak said on 1/10/20 - 01:08PM
Do you ship ?
12. Debra A. Swann said on 9/8/20 - 05:45AM
Just picked up two bear carvings this past weekend! High quality and beautiful work!
13. Bob Daum said on 7/23/21 - 01:20PM
Jon has a.unique talent and is very gifted. On top of that, he and Erin are a friendly, warm, and down to earth couple. Sorry to see the store close. Keep on pursuing your dream!

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